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  • Expunction and Sealing

    WHAT is expunction and sealing?

    Expunction or sealing is the legal process of making a criminal charge inaccessible to the public. When a record is sealed, certain governmental or related organizations will still have access to the individual’s record in its entirety. When a record is expunged, these same entities will be informed that a charge in the record has been expunged, but will not have access to information about the charge without a court order.

    WHO can have a record expunged or sealed?

    Any adult or juvenile may have a criminal history record expunged or sealed if he or she:

    • Has never been found guilty of any criminal offense in any jurisdiction.
    • Has never been found delinquent for any felony or certain misdemeanors
    • Has not been found guilty of or delinquent for any of the acts stemming from the arrest that he or she seeks to expunge or seal.
    • Has never before had a criminal charge expunged or sealed.

    HOW can I get my record expunged or sealed?

    First, apply for a Certificate of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and submit a processing fee of $75. The application can be found at or you can email to have a paper copy mailed to you. After being issued a Certificate of Eligibility, you must file a petition with the court.

    WHERE do I mail my application for a Certificate of Eligibility?

    Florida Department of Law Enforcement

    ATTN: Expunge/Seal Section

    P.O. Box 1489

    Tallahassee, Florida 32302-1489

    WHEN is my record expunged or sealed?

    The issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility, which may take over 90 days to process, is only the first step in the expunction or sealing process. The process is complete once a court issues an order expunging or sealing your criminal history record and the FDLE has received a certified copy of the order.

    WHY should I get my record expunged or sealed?

    A criminal history record can affect your ability to find a job, attend an institution of higher education, or sign a lease for housing.


    For more information, please visit

  • Hurricane Irma

    Due to Hurricane Irma all of our office locations and courthouses will be closed on Friday September 8th, Monday September 11th, and Tuesday September 12th.  Please contact your attorney for new court dates or to reschedule an appointment.

  • 13th annual OCBA Trivia Contest

    PD9 participated in the 13th annual OCBA Trivia Contest. 1st place costume winner was awarded to team “Tipsy Coachman.”

  • Orlando PD Launches New Traffic Stop Safety Campaign

    The Orlando Police Department launched a new social media campaign to inform citizens on how to handle traffic stops. Read more.

  • Students Learn Realities of Court in Public Defender’s Law Camp

    ORLANDO – Forty youngsters from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida put their summer legal learning to use on August 1 by conducting mock trials at the offices of 9th Judicial Circuit Public Defender Robert Wesley. Since mid-June the students, ages 10-17, have been preparing to match legal wits as a culmination of Law Camp, a 12-year partnership with Wesley’s office and Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida.

    Attorneys, legal interns, and other professionals from the Public Defender’s Office have used games, presentations and interactive video to teach youngsters about our legal system, including:

    Robert Wesley, Public Defender for the Ninth Judicial Circuit, addresses the defense team.

    • Legal roles/process
    • Bill of Rights
    • Case mitigation
    • Pleas and offers for case resolution
    • Criminal sentencing

    “We’re happy to introduce the students to our legal system, the many career opportunities within the legal profession, and the link between understanding our courts and good citizenship,” said Wesley.

    Members from the Universal Orlando Foundation, Buenaventura Lakes (Kissimmee), Parramore Teen Extension, and Joe R. Lee (Eatonville) branches of Boys & Girls Clubs participated in the seven-week camp.

    “This is the type of program that’s extremely valuable to our Club members. Not only does it teach them about the important workings of the judicial branch of government, but it shows them how important it is that they remain on the right side of the law,” said Gary Cain, President and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida.

    The mock trial focused on whether students of a fictional high school had broken Florida’s recently passed Anti-Cyberbullying Act. Following an hour-long trial, the jury found the young defendants not guilty of bullying a fellow student through social media.

    Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

  • Convicted due to fingerprint evidence?

    If you think you might have been unjustly convicted because of fingerprint evidence from analyst Marco Palacio with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, please fill out the form below and submit.  Someone from our office will contact you regarding your case.








    All information submitted is confidential and protected by attorney client privilege.

  • Getting Ready for the Holidays

    Please remember our 15th Annual PD Clothing Drive, Saturday, December 17, 2016




    Please bring your clean, serviceable clothing for men, women and children to our collection point at the Orange County Courthouse on Saturday, December 17th between 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  We will be located at the circular driveway to receive your donations. Thank you for your contributions. Donation receipts will be provided.

    Your donations are shared with litigants appearing in court proceedings in the Ninth Circuit who are unable to provide their own appropriate attire, to individuals going into residential programs and other needy individuals. Your items will help to maintain the dignity of our court proceedings and ensure that the lack of proper attire does not affect the outcome of cases that come before the court.

    We thank you in advance for your donations at the holiday time and throughout the year.

    If the December 17th drop-off date is not convenient for you, or if you have donations at other times of the year, please call our office at 407-836-4806 to arrange a drop off or pick up at your location.

    Thanks for keeping us in mind,

    Bob Wesley
    Public Defender, Ninth Judicial Circuit
    435 N. Orange Ave., Ste. 400, Orlando FL 32801
    (407) 836-4806

  • Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyers

    “In our Public Defender’s Office we focus on providing excellent legal representation for our clients, I continually reinforce that standard of excellence by setting board certification as the goal for each lawyer on the day I hire them.”  – Robert Wesley, Public Defender, 9th Judicial Circuit

    Group photo of many of our Board Certified Criminal Trial Law Attorneys in our office.  Fewer than 5 percent of Florida’s 99,000 lawyers earn board certification.

    Congratulations to Jared Adelman, Danielle Barbato, Chris Donaudy, Erin Hyde, Alison Lopes, Justin Patrou, Alfred Suarez, Tom Wieczorek, and Ben Wurtzel who all passed the exam this year.


  • Law Camp 2016

    PD9 hosts an annual summer law camp at several local Boys and Girls Club locations… We teach the kids legal and social issues for several weeks and then they use the knowledge they have gained at a mock trial on the final day. Just another way we like to spread information and goodwill in our community!



  • A Busy Day at the Courthouse