Clothing Drive Reminder – 10/26/2017


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Expunction and Sealing – 10/19/2017

WHAT is expunction and sealing?
Expunction or sealing is the legal process of making a criminal charge inaccessible to the public. When a record is sealed, certain governmental or related organizations will still have access to the individual’s record in its entirety. When a record is expunged, these same entities will be informed that a […]

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Hurricane Irma – 9/6/2017

Due to Hurricane Irma all of our office locations and courthouses will be closed on Friday September 8th, Monday September 11th, and Tuesday September 12th.  Please contact your attorney for new court dates or to reschedule an appointment.

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13th annual OCBA Trivia Contest – 8/31/2017

PD9 participated in the 13th annual OCBA Trivia Contest. 1st place costume winner was awarded to team “Tipsy Coachman.”

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Orlando PD Launches New Traffic Stop Safety Campaign – 8/7/2017

The Orlando Police Department launched a new social media campaign to inform citizens on how to handle traffic stops. 

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Students Learn Realities of Court in Public Defender’s Law Camp – 8/2/2017

ORLANDO – Forty youngsters from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida put their summer legal learning to use on August 1 by conducting mock trials at the offices of 9th Judicial Circuit Public Defender Robert Wesley. Since mid-June the students, ages 10-17, have been preparing to match legal wits as a culmination […]

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Convicted due to fingerprint evidence? – 8/2/2017

If you think you might have been unjustly convicted because of fingerprint evidence from analyst Marco Palacio with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, please fill out the form below and submit.  Someone from our office will contact you regarding your case.








All information submitted is confidential and protected by attorney client privilege.

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Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyers

“In our Public Defender’s Office we focus on providing excellent legal representation for our clients, I continually reinforce that standard of excellence by setting board certification as the goal for each lawyer on the day I hire them.”  – Robert Wesley, Public Defender, 9th Judicial Circuit

Group photo of many of our Board Certified Criminal […]

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Law Camp 2016

PD9 hosts an annual summer law camp at several local Boys and Girls Club locations… We teach the kids legal and social issues for several weeks and then they use the knowledge they have gained at a mock trial on the final day. Just another way we like to spread information and goodwill in […]

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Dean Erwin Chemerinsky

Constitutional law scholar, Dean Chemerinsky, was the keynote speaker at the CFACDL/OCBA joint luncheon on January 28, 2016.  He discussed the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s past decisions, how they have shaped our country today and what effect the presidential election might have on future decisions.

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